Celebrate nature and spring! | Upcycling of shirt #23

Yes! FOR KEEPS aims to rethink single use. How? By giving you 100 ways to wear your t-shirt longer. Longer than the season you bought it for, longer cause you can repair it, and longer because when you upcycle it into your favorite t-shirt, it is for keeps. For t-shirt #23, we collaborated with Janneke Huijnk We can’t wait to share the result, and how she made it!

How did you make the creation?

I drew a little crocus that popped up in our front garden. I transferred the drawing onto linoleum and carved it, then did some test prints on paper and on small scraps of fabric.

 I liked the print, but I wanted the image much bigger. So I enlarged it in photoshop, then transferred it to a silkscreen.

It was hard to choose which colour shirt to use, so printed it on two. One with purple ink on a light grey shirt, that I had dyed with tea. And the other one with blue ink on a pink shirt, that I had dyed with avocado pits and peels. I mixed the colour purple in the studio by using my purple fabric dyed with blueberries as a reference.

I always thought purple was such a different colour to use, but in the whole process of natural dyeing, you can not help but starting to love the colours that appear. I’m posing in the pink shirt in the pictures because that one has the biggest spring feel… but honestly I love them both.

What did you make, and why?

I made a crocus because it was the first sign of spring I saw, just a week after we had a lot of snow. I was so touched by this little crocus. With this shirt, I want to celebrate nature and spring! 


Read more?

Check Janneke her profile on FOR KEEPS. Or you can check her Instagram, she regularly shares new projects. And to purchase her prints you can visit her shop on Etsy!

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