Shirt # 9 | Meet slow fashionista – Danie from Ecochic

The next two years we’ll be making 100 t-shirts a green statement. Every week we’ll be collaborating with artists and designers who are creating, repairing, styling their t-shirts. This week we are not upcycling or repairing a t-shirt, but challenging you to rewear your t-shirt. So t-shirt #9 is not just 1 t-shirt, but hopefully lot of t-shirts being worn again, and again and again. To challenge and inspire you, we teamed up with slow fashionista Daniela from Ecochic this week What is her story?

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Daniela and close friends call me Danie. I have had an interest in fashion and style since an early age. I have always been a fashionista. Looking back at my old photos, I enjoyed posing in front of the camera in my stylish outfit looks. It was only throughout my university studies that I have become aware of the negative environmental and societal impacts of fashion industry. During my master studies (I have a master’s degree in Globalisation & Development Studies) we had to read a lot of case studies about how globalisation affects and interconnects communities across the globe.

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“Keep your closet chic, minimal, and timeless.” ~ Donna Zhong⁣ ⁣ Style is how you dress or present yourself, it is like a fingerprint. It is how you express your unique personality through fashion 👗👚👖👛 That is why you often hear the term ‘signature style’ in the fashion industry. People with actual style are very recognisable, they do not even have to say a thing. You will immediately recognise who they are and what they are about by their looks. Style is not the same as having a lot of clothes. It is how you put it all together to show who you are and what you stand for 😎⁣ ⁣ And what about my personal style? It turns out be ‘city-chic’, sometimes casual and sometimes glammed up, always minimalistic and timeless 🙋🏼‍♀️ The basic principles of my wardrobe are about paring down to the essentials, having only the pieces that I absolutely love, choosing quality over quantity, and choosing pieces that are versatile instead of trendy 💚 As you can see from my previous posts, I stay away from big prints and very bright colours 🙊⁣ ⁣ What about you? How would you define your own style? What do you like wearing and what is not present in your closet? Let me know in the comment section below 😊

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One of such cases was a personal story from my teacher, who conducted a field research in one of the many sweatshops in China. After listening to this personal story, I then decided to eliminate the amount of clothes I would normally purchase. I quit fast fashion and started buying second-hand. Growing up, buying or even wearing second-hand clothes was a big taboo. And I still do not know why….Buying second-hand items is amazing! You are on the hunt to find something unique. I have scored some amazing second-hand pieces, which I am very proud of. Currently, I am following a no buy challenge, and I am trying to see how far I can go without purchasing anything new (read second-hand).

2. How you started Ecochic?

The idea of creating my own Instagram account has preoccupied my mind for quite some time. Through my Instagram account, I do hope to inspire the general public to opt for more sustainable choices. Given that I love cooking plant-based meals, eliminating plastic and finding plastic-free alternatives and styling clothes, I experienced a difficulty to find 1 overarching focus theme and account name. Well, I made my final choice and the first posts were solely directed to slow fashion, namely on how to look stylish in second-had clothes and clothes we already own in our closets.

Even though I enjoyed creating these posts, I did not get the happiness and satisfaction from my account. I was more caught up in the idea of posting what I initially sticked to – only slow fashion – then posting what I ALWAYS wanted. I realise that I love sustainability in its various forms and shapes, and for that reason I stopped limiting myself to fashion posts only. Since then, my posts have covered the topics of ‘wearing what you already own’, buying second-hand, supporting local sustainable brands, eating plant-based, shopping zero-waste, eliminating plastic consumption and many more.

3. What are your dreams?

I am a very private person when it comes to dreams and ambitions, so I will not tell you what my personal dreams are. Though, there is a general dream that I have had for some time now, which I do not mind sharing with you. I do hope that more and more people become aware of the importance of sustainability and I wish for everyone to implement sustainability in their daily activities and actions. We all need to act now!

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One of the best ways to make the most of your money and to save the environment is to head to the local thrift store and see what is available 💚 During my last visit at @kringlooputrecht, I stumbled across a very cool book called ‘Your are a Badass. How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life’ for only 2,50€. As you can see, you can get some amazing bargains in your local thrift stores 📚🙌 Last weekend, I headed to the #oudegracht to enjoy the book and the sunny weather 🌞📔The summer holidays is the perfect time to catch up on those books you have been meaning to read. Does anyone else get books from thrift stores? What is your greatest find? 😊

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4. What makes your t-shirt FOR KEEPS?

I have had this T-shirt for more than 7 years and have been wearing it with a lot of love every summer. Looking at it, I do consider it to be my most worn and favourite T-shirt from my T-shirt collection. I was drawn into buying this T-shirt because of its colour and material. It is so difficult to find a beautiful shade of green, right? I love good quality items and material plays a huge role in this. This T-shirt is made of 95% linen and 5% elastic. Linen is a perfect choice for summer, as the material is very breathable and durable.


5. How to make a green statement?

By following other like-minded people on my instagram, I have come to realise that it is fine to be a proud outfit repeater and to wear your clothes all year around. I have learned some great styling techniques and my plan is to wear this T-shirt in other seasons as well, not only in the summer. That is why I am very excited to have teamed up with Forkeeps_Collective to host ‘Wear your summer T-shirt this fall’ challenge 🙂


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Want to know more about Daniela? Read about her here. And you can check out all the green ideas, amazing garden or new projects on her Instagram .

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