Shirt # 10 | Meet the maker – Elise from The Thrifted Capricorn

We are bringing you 100 x upcycle, repair or rewear inspiration, making a t-shirts into a green statement. To show you what amazing things you can do with the t-shirt already in your closet. Every week we’ll be collaborating with artists and designers who are creating, repairing, styling their t-shirts. What is their story?

This weeks person in the spotlight: Elise from The Thrifted Capricorn, sharing great preloved outfits and thrift finds on Instagram. She makes thrifting feel like a lot of fun, and you just want to join her. But since she lives in Boston, we’re only able to meet up digitally! So we are happy she wanted to join and can’t wait to see what she made. But first: 

How did you start?

I have always been very passionate about the environment – just in my lifetime I have seen the effect of climate change taking place and am worried for the future of our planet.

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♥️✨ ONE VINTAGE SLIP DRESS – THREE FALL OUTFITS ✨♥️ • I’m SO excited that today the lovely @itspamdel invited me to take part in her weekly series of styling an item three ways here on the ‘gram ♥️🥰 normalizing rewearing and restyling pieces in our closet is SUCH an important step in creating a sustainable wardrobe – did you know that almost 20% of people say they don’t think they can rewear a piece once it’s been on insta once?! I also absolutely adore Pam’s bright and colorful thrifty style – head over to her stories on @itspamdel to see the dress she is styling three ways today too 🙌🏻♥️ • I scored this stunning vintage satin goldenrod slip dress from @goodwillboston last fall for just $3.99!! it was tucked away back in the pajamas section and as soon as I saw it I just KNEW it would just be the most gorgeous addition to my wardrobe. I love the slip dress style – they always look so elegant and remind me of glamorous old Hollywood 😍✨ today however I want to style it a few different ways to show you all how to make a “dress up” piece work for every day outfits. which look is your favorite?! let me know below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ everything I’m wearing here is thrifted our course!!

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While the majority of emissions and pollution come from large corporations (especially in the fashion industry), I believe it is also important to make sustainable and ethical choice in our own personal lives too, for our communities and ourselves.

Buying clothes second-hand instead of new is just one way we can make a difference!

What are your dreams?

I hope to help people see that caring about the environment and thrifting is cool!! My style is bright and bold which is different from the idea of thrifted clothes that some people have in their minds – I hope to break the stereotypes and stigmas around second-hand shopping.

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oh I am LOVING this weather today!! it rained yesterday evening, so overnight the temperatures dropped way off and now it’s in the 50’s here and feels very autumnal with some overcast skies to boot 🥰🍂 • so starting today I am going to stop tagging the original brands of my clothing on here – and let me tell you why. I started this page to share my outfits with y’all and hopefully give some #outfitinspiration but what I don’t want to do is “influence” people to buy things new from those brands (especially fast fashion!) if they see something they like tagged on my page. instead of carbon copy outfits with mass produced pieces I want to encourage everyone to find their own personal style!! I want this page to help you to play with color and texture and pattern and shapes to find what YOU love, not what some other person or brand is telling you is “stylish.” I would also encourage you instead when you feel the urge to shop to check out resale apps like @depop and @ebay as well as good old fashioned brick and mortar thrift stores if there is something you that you see on here you want, instead of running to the mall or online fast fashion!! I hope if anything that this page will give you inspiration and tips to find quality, ethical pieces you can love for years in a more sustainable way instead of just the mindless consumerism that so much of social media can be. I really believe that #SustainableIsStylish and want to continue sharing ethical and sustainable brands – so I will still be tagging the second-hand spots I actually buy my clothes from on my posts to elevate their messages 🙌🏻♥️ • I’m so happy my fall wardrobe and warm-toned outfits are finally out in full swing now 🥰♥️ today I’m wearing this adorable button-up maroon corduroy pinafore paired with a mustard yellow blouse underneath. I’m obsessed with the batwing sleeves on this top and although it’s a bit hard to tell it’s got some gorgours floral embroidery too!! paired simply with my favorite second-hand work boots off @depop – in matching maroon of course because we coordinate everything in this house 😂♥️🙌🏻

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Want to know more about Elise? You read more in her FOR KEEPS profile here, or can check out all her preloved outfit inspiration, great thrift finds and more ideas on her Instagram.

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