Shirt #6 | Meet the maker – Cindy from CINNIG

To show you what amazing things you can do with the t-shirt already in your closet: We will bring you 100 x upcycle, repair or rewear inspiration, making a t-shirts into a green statement. Every week we’ll be collaborating with artists and designers who are creating, repairing, styling their t-shirts. What is their story? This weeks person in the spotlight: Cindy, from CINNIG. Her designs are fresh and colorful. So we happy to have her here, and can’t wait to see what she made. But first: 

1. Tell us, how did you start CINNIG?

I love graphic tees for as long as I can remember. I’m always on the lookout for a cool graphic design but couldn’t always find it. For years I collected in my head the most fantastic ideas to put on a tee.

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A glimpse of the Pentecost weekend to come…

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And finally last year, I dared to take the step and bought the equipment: hobby plotter to start with, simple heat press, many colors flex-foil, Adobe Illustrator to create the designs (YouTube to learn it!), WordPress to set up a webshop and of course, a supplier who produces ethically made T-shirts. I didn’t want to print on budget T-shirts which most probably are produced in sweat shops. Imagine you are wearing a shirt that someone else has suffered for!

Let everybody have a favorite tee.
It brings instant joy.

I’m currently out of work because of the pandemic so I have a lot of time for building up CINNIG. I’m designing for my kids and boyfriend as well. That’s why I feel like a T-shirt mama.

2. What are your dreams?

My designs are playful, pure and positive. When they are printed on the supersoft feelgood T-shirts of Stanley / Stella they have the potential of becoming someone’s favorite tee. And that’s my mission. Let everybody have a favorite tee. It brings instant joy.


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Want to know more about Cindy? Read here or check more designs of CINNIG on the Instagram. And if you want to order your own custom made & sustainable t-shirt go to the website of CINNIG.

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