Upcycling of Shirt #28 | Adding flowers!

We want to rethink single use. How? By giving you 100 ways to wear your t-shirt longer. Longer than the season you bought it for, longer cause you can repair it, and longer because when you upcycle it into your favorite t-shirt, it is FOR KEEPS.

For t-shirt #28, we collaborated with Anneroos from Swoos! We can’t wait to share the result, and how she made it!

How did you make the creation?

I embroidered a branch with flowers on a piece of white tricot fabric with the embroidery machine. After that I cut the branch out of the fabric and placed it on the white T-shirt. With some old-school hand embroidery, I attached the flower branch on the shirt.

What did you make, and why?

I wanted to show how easy you can upcycle a basic/old item. You don’t need a lot of complicated patterns/stuff to have an amazing result. Just be creative! With an embroidery patch and some hand embroidery details you can give the T-shirt an amazing new look!


Want to know more?

Check Swoos on Instagram or the website of Swoos!

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