Meet the designer | upcycle #39 – Katerina from Fitolojio workshop

Single use and fast fashion is so last season. Let’s make reuse first choice! To inspire you we are collaborating with new artists or designers every week. They will all contribute to showing you 100 ways to upcycle, repair or rewear a t-shirt. Turning it into a green & sustainable statement, #100greenstatements. This week it’s shirt #39! Can’t wait to see what they will make. And of course, we are curious: What is their story?

This week we are joined by Katerina from Fitolojio workshop. In 2020 she started Fitolojio Workshop as a sustainable and ethical fashion brand, with focus on upcycling and reworked vintage or preloved garments and textiles This means that every design is unique. Her favorite materials to work with, have a story to tell. We saw her jackets made from sleepingbags, they are so inspiring and since it is cold, we thought to not share a green statement t-shirt, but a jacket <3

What is the statement you want to make?

Today, the Fashion industry produces roughly 150 billion garments annually using new resources from the mother nature. When I started Fitolojio Workshop as slow fashion brand I gave my myself a challenge, to make new clothes from preloved and preexisted materials using upcycling techniques.

An important part of upcycling is communicating the story behind the used materials, the value and uniqueness of each garment.

No two pieces are ever the same and this is an also important part of the process for Fitolojio Workshop.

How do you see the future of fashion?

Fashion is still a wasteful and largely craft-based industry, the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics. I would like to see many things scaling and converging to achieve a more sustainable future of fashion.

Some bad aspects that we must change are:

  1. No more clothes go to landfills.
  2. Prices need to rise to reflect the true costs and value of the garments
  3. Reduction in overproduction and mindless consumption. I want to see the transition to effective made-to-order and small batch production.
  4. Support for micro and small fashion businesses
  5. Transparency for every stage of the manufacturing supply chain ( From raw material, production, wholesale, and retailer price)


Read more?

Check the website of Fitolojio workshop or have a look at her Instagram!

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