Upcycled shirt #44 | Marissa Kessler of Crochet Rebellion

Single use and fast fashion is so last season. Let’s make reuse first choice! To inspire you we are collaborating with new artists or designers every week. They will all contribute to showing you 100 ways to upcycle, repair or rewear a t-shirt. Turning it into a green & sustainable statement, #100greenstatements. This week it’s shirt #44! Can’t wait to see what they will make. And of course, we are curious: What is their story?

This week we are joined by Marissa Kessler of Crochet Rebellion. She started out just making crochet patterns then moved onto selling upcycled women’s clothings.

How did you start your business?

I ordered a box of 50 lbs of clothings and to remake each and every piece for resale. I enjoy the challenge of pairing each piece with the right treatment and the creativity it takes to pull it off. Any given day I am quilting, patching, embroidering, sketching, making custom fabric appliqué or crochet patches. Each piece I create has a well loved, vintage cool look.

I put a lot of thought into making Crochet Rebellion as sustainable as possible. I measure and resize every piece of clothing, so the sizing is as standard as possible and people don’t have to return items for fit. I try to use as many zero waste stratagies as possible. I also try my hardest to use natural fibers-nothing lasts as long as cotton, linen and wool.

What did you make to upcycle shirt #44?

Normally I post my crochet patterns and my clothing on my website for sale. But as a special gift, if people sign up for my newsletter (via my website) I will be sending out a PDF of exactly how to add sleeves to this top. I’ll given out the math behind figuring out and adapting any crochet pattern to fit any sleeveless top or vest.

This top was just a vest, with really wide arm holes. Wide armholes, for me personally would be a deal break for this top and would make it hard to wear-so I solved that by adding sleeves. The yarn I choose was Berroco Remix light, it is made from 100% recycled content from fashion industry waste. It is also super soft and easy to care for-it can be washed and dried on delicate at home.


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Want to see more of what Crochet Rebellion makes? Check the website or go to Instagram to find tips & inspiration!

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