Meet the maker | shirt #25 – Dominika Klimek

The next two years we’ll be upcycling 100 t-shirts into a green statement. We started end of last summer with the #100greenstatements project, which means every week we are collaborating with new artists or designers. They will all show ways to create, repair, or style their old t-shirts in new ways. Can’t wait to see what they will make. And of course, we are curious: What is their story?

This week Dominika Klimek in the spotlight, she is a graphic designer and an inspring embroidery artist!

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Niki, I am originally a graphic designer, I have worked in advertising for many years in Italy. I love to experiment and find fun ways how to reuse the things we already have. 

How did you start your business?

It’s not a business yet, I’m working slowly forward it 🙂

What are your dreams?

To stop and go back a little bit in time, to those times where people used tailor-made clothes that suit them, repair them, and stop panic shopping. Slow fashion and respect for who made your clothes. Just remember that the t-shirt you buy is probably made by an underpaid worker somewhere in the world. Not talking about the amount of water the industry use to produce only one t-shirt.  But this applies not only to clothes, food, furniture, etc …what we do today should be taken under consideration that the less we buy and waste is not going to create the boomerang effect in the future.  There are so many ways to upcycle and have fun with clothes just steal ideas and adapt them to your own taste.  


Read more?

Check Niki her Instagram, she regularly shares new projects!

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