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We are collecting & sharing 100 ideas to give your old shirt a new life! Upcycle or repair to make it ready for a new adventure! This is the #100greenstatements challenge by FOR KEEPS, and this week we are joined by Dominika Klimek. You can read more about her in the last blog, and here we will share what she turned shirt #25 in to!

How did you make the creation?

In a very simple way, just wanted to create something without using a sewing machine, just to show you that it’s possible. I’m, not a fashion designer, and probably neither are you. But with some simple stitches you can still create and upcycle something old into new and cool. 

What did you make?

I made a simple summer dress, using 3 t-shirt. Two big ones I found in my partner’s wardrobe and one t shirt that was my daughter’s from when she was small. Stitched it together with simple stitches and applied the mickey mouse as a decoration. And voila can’t wait to use it this summer. 

Who would you ask to join our challenge? (repair, style or upcycle)

Selinaa05 on instagram


Read more?

Check Niki her Instagram, she regularly shares new projects!

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