Shirt #26 | Meet the maker – Ana Dinuta

1 shirt, 100 makers, designers and artists. Every week we have a new collaboration, showing you 100 ways to upcycle, repair or rewear a t-shirt. Turning it into a green & sustainable statement. This week it’s shirt #26! We started half a year ago and (almost) every week we are collaborating with new artists or designers who are creating, repairing, styling their t-shirts. Can’t wait to see what they will make. And of course, we are curious: What is their story?

This week in the we are joined by Ana, a fashion designer from Romania, and founder of Common Parts! She also has a great sense for story telling, so don’t forget to read this!

Can you tell us a little bit about you? 

My name is Ana Dinuta and I would describe myself as a creative spirit with an analytical education. I’m actually an experienced building architect that at some point decided that she would very much appreciate seeing her ideas ‘built’ more often. 

How you started your business? 

Initially I started to give another shape to my old clothes, turning them into something more spectacular, then I made them to my friends and after I realized that this can grow as a business 

What are your dreams? 

My wish is to get to a point where the people around me are more responsible, not to buy compulsively, to think ‘who make these clothes and under what conditions’. Literally, I want my audience to grow more and more in Romania and to be familiar with the concept that I support and promote – Upcycling. 


Want to know more?

Check the website of Common Parts, or read more about Ana and Common Parts on Instagram! With regularly new updates!

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