Rethinking waste into a visual statement <3 | Shirt #26

How to make your old t-shirt into a statement t-shirt? A green statement? Well, we are collecting & sharing 100 ideas to do that! This is the #100greenstatements challenge by FOR KEEPS, and this week we teamed up with fashion designer Ana Dinuta from Common Parts. You can read more about her in the Meet the Maker blog. Finally we can show how she upcycled shirt #26!

How did you make the creation? 

We believe in slow fashion as we make unique items (they could never be identically reproduced due to the scarcity in similar fabrics) and discourage ‘compulsive’ buying as we only work on custom order. Our items are produced with a lot of sewing hours and thus resulting rather expensive but stay with us, we will soon be offering a ‘lease plan’. We will never give up trying to be ‘problem solvers’. 

What did you make, and why? 

Classic patterns and fits, with a minimum of transformations, deconstructed in a modular manner and patchwork like textures together with handmade sewing and appliqués shape our collections. 

Thank you so much for joining Ana!


Read more?

Check the website of Common Parts, or read more about Ana and Common Parts on Instagram! With regularly new updates!

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