Shirt #3 | Meet the maker – Cote Veragua from Cotecreate <3

The next two years we’ll be making 100 t-shirts a green statement. Every week we’ll be collaborating with artists and designers who are creating, repairing, styling their t-shirts. What is their story? First person in the spotlight: Cote, from Cotecreate. She makes amazing illustrations, is stadskunstenaar (city artist) in Leeuwarden and she can give color & patterns to almost every item you have. Shoes, jackets, shirts, but also walls, cards, you name it. She can probably color a whole universe with her ideas. So we’re pleased to have her here ūüėÄ

1. Tell us, how did you start Cotecreate?

Last year, in 2019, I arrived in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands and a month later I decided to start with Cotecreate. A dream that came into my head and I didn’t doubt¬†any second to make it real. I didn’t know anybody, had no friends, no family, no contacts…so I thought…

How can I start? I literally went into the streets and walked everywhere until I found a place where somebody was open to listen to my story and help me out with a contact… that was the beginning of everything. I did contact one person and they helped me by giving me another contact and so on. I started officially¬†with Cotecreate by making the bag of Leeuwarden.

With that, my journey started, it kept going, and I’m super happy and grateful to be surrounded by amazing and creative people.¬†

2. What are your dreams?

I live my life day by day making my dreams reality. Cotecreate Studio is one of them. I have so many dreams hahaha…it is difficult to pick just some of them. Maybe one of the big ones is to be able to use art as a tool to help people to express and develop¬†themselves, use the art as something¬†helpful and meaningful for the problems society faces.

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Do you know what it is going on now in all around the world?! THE CLIMATE REVOLUTION STARTED YESTERDAY and is not going to stop anymore… our house it is burning, our house it is in danger! I invite you to scream out your feelings, millions of people are now screaming help, asking for action, is time to say “stop” is time to save our beautiful planet! Since March I’m trying hard to be responsable of my impact as a human being in our earth, it is difficult and for sure I would make many other mistakes but this is not about to be perfect, this is about to be conscious and make action in some point not in every point. If you want you can always write me a message, I’m not the best example in sustainability but for sure I can help you with some tips to start. ⬇️⬇️⬇️❤❤❤ Tomorrow I’m going to paint a new wall in #leeuwarden this time I will paint my way to see the climate crisis in this minute. If you are in Leeuwarden or #friesland I’m inviting you to come and share with us Roy and Lieuwe. Everybody is welcome! ⬆️⬆️⬆️❤❤❤ This beautiful photo was take it for my friend Hendrik, I will upload this photo session about sustainability and I will explain you more about it. @willemsenhendrikart #dokkum #festival #climatecrisis #globalwarming #globalstreetart #globalstrikeforfuture #gretathunberg #netherlands #creativity #instaart #photography #illustration #handlettering #lettering #groningen #denhaag #creativecontent #artdirection #contentcreator

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More about Cote?

You can check out her FOR KEEPS Guide profile here, or her Instagram <3.

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