Lua – creative director at A.K.A Tropicália

​As an award-winning designer, Lua has transported her style across continents. On moving from Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam, Lua embraced her late grandma’s arts&crafts heritage, design school education and tons of coffee to launch AKA Tropicalia.

About A.K.A Tropicalia

We create Art that you can wear. Embracing the gist of design, energetic flow and Latin heritage, AKA Tropicalia brings a splash of art into our daily lives. Each original jewellery is handmade and limited edition. Read the whole text on their website…

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Work in progress ⚡️🔨

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How can people reach you?

See more of AKA Tropicalia, or when you can meet them at a swan market, on Instagram. And check their latest designs and order on their website.

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