SHIRT #4 > Patching up a t-shirt 2.0 | Tutorial

The easiest way to repair a torn pair of pants? An iron-on patch! Easy peasy. And you can do it in no time. Of course, you can buy patches, ready to use. But you can also make them yourself! How? We’ll show you see you here. And the result? That’s great: Suddenly you can turn a boring shirt into your favourite item.

For the next two years, we will upcycle, style, and repair 100 t-shirts with FOR KEEPS; give new life to an old t-shirt. And not just any new life, but that of a sustainable statement. For t-shirt # 4, we worked with a number of people from FOR KEEPS Collective on patches. And that turns out to be ideal: if you want to make something together at a distance from each other. By An of FOR KEEPS

What do you need?

  1. Embroidery thread (we used thread from vintage embroidery sets found in the thrift shop)
  2. Needles, what you like for the threads and fabric you use
  3. A background (velt or embroidery cotton) and
  4. An inspiring illustration like ours made by Cote. Do you like that? You can download it here (has to be added)!
  5. To draw on the fabric, you can use pencil, chalk or specific fabric markers, that will fade after washing, will fade in time.

Let’s start!

What do you think?!


This was a collaboration of Nineke, Nathalie, Evelien and An. A few of our guides. Would you like to be a guide, and show us how you style, repair or upcycle a t-shirt? Check here and join!

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