Shirt #5 | Meet the maker – Lua from A.KA. Tropicalia

We have started the upcycle #100greenstatements project, which means the next two years we’ll be making 100 t-shirts a green statement. Every week we’ll be collaborating with artists and designers who are creating, repairing, styling their t-shirts. To see what they will make. And of course, we are curious: What is their story?

This weeks person in the spotlight, the maker of t-shirt number 5: Lua, from A.K.A Tropicalia. She is the artist behind the label, designing all visuals and the jewellery they sell, and also a very creative and conscious person. Trying to work with sustainable and recycled materials as much as possible, whilst also supporting the local artisans in Brasil. So great to have her here <3

1. How you started (your business)?

I started my career in the fashion business in Rio de Janeiro / BR decades ago. Years after my debut, I had to put a hard stop to it to attend to family needs. After years in the Education sector, I started to slowly redirect myself back to the Arts. In 2011 while still working with education, I started taking on gigs in the music video industry and had the opportunity to work with international artists and videomakers (and meet my partner!).

In 2016 I divided my time between Education Director and Co-Creator at a small, sustainable and powerful award-winning brand in Brazil – AKA Svetlana. Moving to the Netherlands was my golden ticket to fully come back to the world of art. Starting a company in a new country with a foreign language has many challenges, but it is all worth it. A.K.A Tropicália had always been a dream that unites fashion, art and design.

2. What are your dreams?

I have a lot of dreams. A.K.A Tropicalia is the first step towards my ultimate dream of living off my Art and sharing it with the world. I would also like to provide greater support to small artists and small brands.

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Want to read more about Lua and AKA Tropicalia? Check out her profile here!

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