Show & Tell: Willemijn Vermaas

Sometimes you just need a little ray of light — right now my world can use some light and sunshine. Weather all grey and rainy. So here’s a little throwback with enough sunshine! Show & Tell with Willemijn Vermaas!

You maybe recognize the face: yes, she was also in our print edition! Wearing those striped pants. For this shoot she was also asked to pick an outfit with a story. It is inspiring to hear her talk about her love for vintage and for clothes that last. She wears her outfit with such natural grace – down to earth, like it’s no big deal – but wait till you hear her story!



  • Shirt: homemade
  • Pants: From a local boutique in Sri Lanka
  • Shoes: from Camper, second hand, bought in Venten, Ceintuurbaan 400 Amsterdam
  • Necklace: inherited from my mom, souvenir from tunesia
  • Earrings: inherited from my mom, do not know the exact origin but it has dried flowers inside


How would you describe your style?

I think the main characteristic of my style is that it is always feminine but mixed with different looks. Sometimes more preppy or girly other times more folk or sportive. I also like to use colours and mix different patterns and fabric types. Usually I have one item in an outfit that is a bit different and stands out because of the colour for instance. This effect is often automatically created by mixing second-hand and home made pieces with new stuff from good basic brands, smaller boutiques and souvenirs.

Finally, I love shoes, especially high heals!

What item do you own the longest?? 

I inherited a lot of clothes, shoes and jewelry from my mom so the oldest item in my closet must be one of those. 

What is the last item you (had) fixed?

I actually have two items lying around that need fixing right now. But the last item I ‘saved’ was a dress with a little damage in the stitching on the front, impossible to fix without making it worse. I found a ribbon in the exact same colour as the dress to tie around my waste and hide the damaged spot.

What did you give away that made somebody else really happy?

I gave stuff away over the years and made several friends really happy, I also received nice pieces in return. Two years ago I had a stand at the flea market during Kingsday and sold a lot. It was actually great to sell things to total strangers.

What did you regret the most that was worn off? 

A pair of slightly baggy purple pants from Filippa K. I had them for years but eventually they wore of due to cycling. When they finally ripped I kept them in my closet for a long time because I had some vague hope that I could still fix them. I threw them out when I found them in the back of my closet packing for a move.


What was the best advice on clothing you ever got?

Always make sure the clothing suits your body and your personality. Do not wear something just because it is in fashion or everyone else is wearing it. Also, be bold sometimes and trust your instinct. There have been items that I loved but also felt a bit too distinctive and out there. I waited too long to wear them but by the time I did they felt great and some ended up as favourites. 

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