I’ve seen the cover: Show me the rest!

Of course you don’t judge a book just by it’s cover. But a cover has to make you interested. So, do you like what you’ve seen so far? And are you curious about the rest of Square1magazine?


Here are a few of the people showing the cover. Marjolein Elisabeth, All about Fair Fashion, Slow Fashion World, Minke Maat, Rosa van EderenVan Jos and the Fair Square,- thanks for the support! They already read – or shared an issue, like Goodfibrations here 🙂


So, you get the cover 🙂 Want to read the rest? here you go! Check out on issuu:


Fans <3

And, because we love fans: Here’s the first creative outburst, of our striped wrapping paper! Adding colour to the stripes. Why not: just black and white is boring, we need a splash of colour!



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