Skye – Visible mender at the Slow stitch club

I’m a textile artist/maker living in mid Sussex. I’ve been lucky enough to dip my toes into a few different creative industries over the years (although I studied Fashion Design Enterprise at uni) and in the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time in the world of visible mending.

About the Slow stitch club

I started the year with slow stitch club as a tiny seed of an idea, and decided on a goal of teaching a few visible mending workshops a month. Of course the pandemic has totally changed all of that and I only had two workshops before the lockdown was announced in March. During lockdown I created my visible mending starter kit which includes all you need to get started, as well as videos that you can access any time you like. This has worked really well as an alternative to workshops, but I’d love to start teaching workshops online too.

Want to know more?

Do you wish to find out more about Skye and the Slow stitch club? You can offcourse check out the Instagram account of the Slow stitch club.

More links, latest articles and newsletter can be found here.

She also set up a Patreon page to help support Slow stitch club, and my amazing patrons have helped to fund the new products I’ve created! You can check it out the Patreon page here.

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