The journey to find inspiration -upcycling a shirt | Shirt #29

This is the #100greenstatements challenge by FOR KEEPS. How to make your old t-shirt into a statement t-shirt? A green statement? Well, we are collecting & sharing 100 ideas to do that! This week are joined by embroidery artist Uma from Umamade! Finally we can show how she upcycled shirt #29! And you can read more about her in the Meet the Maker blog

How did you make the creation?

I used some of the essential embroidery stitches: Back stitch, French knots.

What did you make, and why?

Last year I have been to Morocco and I had the feeling that there was something drawing me towards that desert place, where the sun – that has always attracted me in a mystical way – is so present.

I used the geometric shapes I sketched there, which were so special for the Berber culture. Since then, I’m always thinking about how it has been a necessity for people for so long to be surrounded by those signs that represent them.

Those images are always in my mind, embroidered textiles associated with repeated geometric patterns; rugs, handmade ceramics and even houses painted with them.

Who would you ask to join our challenge?

I would invite my dear friend @kismetscraft , as we learned embroidery more or less at the same time. We used to visit craft shops to chase materials in the crowded streets of Eminönü. We would experiment new things together, empowering each other to get creative.


Want to know more?

Check Umamade on Instagram or the website of Umamade!

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