Meet the stylist | Shirt #30 – Marie-Lisah from Bonbons de Marie

The next two years we’ll be upcycling 100 t-shirts into a green statement. We started end of last summer with the #100greenstatements project, which means (almost) every week we are collaborating with new artists or designers. They will all show ways to create, repair, or style their old t-shirts in new ways. Can’t wait to see what they will share. And of course, we are curious: What is their story?

This week Marie-Lisah in the spotlight, she is the owner of vintage webshop Bonbons de Marie with an amazing eye for great thrift finds & a great sense of styling the items! – foto’s door Margareth Sikkens

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Bonjour! I am Marie-Lisah and I’m the owner of vintage webshop Bonbons de Marie. I live in Delft together with my partner and two year old son Jakob. I’m always trying to make things more beautiful. I love making images with combinations of clothing and/or interior. I love vintage, secondhand, fashion, interior design,  food, music, culture and Netflix. I have a lot of energy combined with a lot of laziness 😉 What I absolutely hate? Badly made stuff or trendy items that don’t last long.

How you started your business?

Since I was very young I’ve always went to flea markets and secondhand stores with my parents. I’ve started selling secondhand clothes on Marktplaats during my time as a fashion student. During my fashion study I always dreamt of not being a designer, but have a secondhand store. I have nothing to add to all the fashion and clothing that already exists. Besides all, everything is already designed and made.

After my graduation I started working at COS, but after two years I fell into a canal in Delft and ended up with a serious  infection in my leg. I couldn’t work anymore because standing all day long was impossible. I still sold a lot of secondhand on Marktplaats and wanted to start a webshop with (designer)vintage. I stopped working at COS and started the webshop! When this all happened, my parents just bought a house in France. So it all came together. Now I have my vintage webshop with very nice French vintage with lots of Yves Saint Laurent, silk scarves and just a lot of very nice things.

What are your dreams?

I have a lot of dreams! I would love to help women at home with their clothing and give (styling) advice. How to be more sustainable, how to make smart combinations and help someone out with my knowledge about styling, clothing, materials, mending, etc. I would also love to make small courses to teach about styling, materials, how to shop vintage, etcetera. And I have a dream about having a large house filled with secondhand items, fashion and interior. Each room has it’s own colourscheme or theme. In my mind it’s already there!


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Read more?

Check the website of Bonbons de Marie, or have a look at her colorful Instagram,   she regularly shares new items she sells!

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