Upcycling of shirt #16 | Give yourself a hug

How to turn a t-shirt into a new statement? A green one, by giving it a longer life? Well, we are collecting & sharing 100 ideas to do that! This is the #100greenstatements challenge by FOR KEEPS, and this week we teamed up with bag maker Belinda from Macnas. You can read more about her in the Meet the Maker blog. Finally we can show what she turned shirt #16 in to!

How did you make the creation?

When I talked to Anjolieke about the shirt challenge an idea popped up. I was very inspired by artist Esra Gulmen. She had made shirts with hands on them, I think it was for international hugging day. Check her out, she makes great statements about (tiny) struggle is daily life. I wanted to use hands and make pockets. It also made me think of one of my favorite shirts I still wear even though it is falling apart. It has a small heart on the front of the shirt.

This is how to make it!

STEP 1. Draw the shapes of a heart and the hands (be careful one left and one right!) on paper. Keep doing this until you like the shapes (try out the hands, do they fit?).

STEP 2. Now it is starting to get real. Search rest material that you can use. I used leather, which is handy, because it won’t fray. Draw the shapes on your material and cut them.

STEP 3. Then cut them out and lay them on the shirt, to see how and where you can attach them.

STEP 4. Before getting your sewing machine out, it might be handy to attach the shapes with double sided tape. So it won’t move while sewing.

STEP 5. Last step is sewing them on and voila!! Enjoy the hugging experience. <3

What did you make, and why?

These times hugs are rare. We are doing without the slightly awkward and warm experience of hugging others. Scarce things become precious, out of reach and a source of inspiration. I made a shirt, called Hands On. It has pockets in the shape of hands on it so you can hug yourself like you have never hugged yourself before! Comforting and fun. And when you turn around, it is like slow dancing. That is my interpretation of this shirt, what is yours?


Read more?

Do you wish to find out more about Belinda and Macnas? You can read more in her FOR KEEPS profile. And you can off course check out the Instagram account of Macnas.

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