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This is the #100greenstatements challenge by FOR KEEPS. How to turn a t-shirt into a new statement? A green one, by giving it a longer life? Well, we are collecting & sharing 100 ideas to do that! This week we teamed up with redesigner Charlotte Duzong from the Creative Fashion Academy!. You can read more about her in the Meet the Maker blog. Finally we can show what she turned shirt #21 in to!

How did you make the creation?

My inspiration was a t-shirt with a kakoetan printed on it. I love the green so I took a green t-shirt to match. This is all I needed to start my creative process.

What did you make, and why?

I love love redesigning. So I wanted to make something that inspired by a t-shirt but has become something more fashionable. I’ve created an A-symatrical top with a pleated puffsleeve.

Who would you ask to join our challenge? (repair, style or upcycle)

@newmoonsago_oakland upcycle and @vizuri upcycle on Instagram – They create beautiful denim pieces.


Want to know more?

Check the website of the Creative Fashion Academy here! Charlotte also started her first Kidz Fashion Label course for girls between 8 – 12 years old. She shows weekly redesigns on her Instagram, and you can join her RE-CREATION community on facebook!

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