Darn it! | Visible mending of shirt #11

We want people to fall back in love with the t-shirt they have. How? By showing 100 ways to make your t-shirt for keeps. Make it for keeps by upcycling it into your favorite t-shirt, make it for keeps by styling it in new ways or by repairing it.

What if your t-shirt has holes in it? Don’t throw it away, but mend it! And it doesn’t have to be perfectly invisible. It can be perfectly visible! It is called visible mending, check out this Pinterest page to get an idea of why we love it so much. And the best thing? For shirt #11 of our #100greenstatements upcycle challenge, we teamed up with Skye from the Slow stitch club, who knows a lot about visible mending.

It starts with a shirt…and a hole

“I’ve had this t-shirt (in our upcycle challenge it is no 11) for a few years, and always loved it because it is 100% linen and so great in the summer. I think there must have been a manufacturing fault with it as the holes that appeared all happened at the same time and in a pattern along the structure of the t-shirt.”

How to fix it?

“I decided to mend the holes with darned patches. The knit structure of the t-shirt was very fragile and also too small to attempt Swiss darning, and so darned patches seemed like a strong and durable option. I also used the same 3 colours for all of the patches to give the t-shirt a new lease of life in a stylised way.”

How to Do It Yourself?

Check this Youtube video to mend along with Skye!


Read more?

Do you wish to find out more about Skye and the Slow stitch club? You can read more in her FOR KEEPS profile. And you can off course check out the Instagram account of the Slow stitch club.

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