Michelle, fashion illustrator at @michelleamo

As an artist, stylist, illustrator and model Michelle just brightens your day on Instagram with amazing thrifted outfit combinations, happy dances, colorful paintings and great food. Serving you with a daily dose of color and doing an amazing job at it.

Outfit inspiration @michelleamo

Michelle is a stylist and model, and lover of sustainability. She is also a content creator and social media manager for brands as wel as styling on photography. On her Michelle Amo she shows amazing thrifted and sustainable fashion outfits.

This suit Is like a puzzle they don’t belong together when thrifting for a suit the clue is to work with what you own, this blazer I pre owned from thrift shopping, but I added the trousers and together they made a suit try it for yourself✨

Art & illustrations @michelle_amo_illustrations

Michelle is also an artist and got back to painting during lockdown. There were so many good reactions about it!

Want to know more?

Start at her amazing page on Instagram, Michelle Amo. Or go straight to her art at Michelle Amo Illustrations. And if you want to know more, check this recent interview with Michelle in Elle.

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