How (not) to screw this! Shirt #7 | Cutting edge stitch

An old t-shirt can be the perfect item to embrace the fear of messing things up & do it anyway. Start cutting! | Hello! It’s Nineke from Ninekdote here. I started our #100greenstatements to write about 9 of my t-shirts. Connecting the threads and stories. And t-shirt #7 needed a new story. In this blog (in Dutch) I tell you why.

Where do you start upcycling?

Actually I’d rather write than put scissors in the T-shirt. Because where do you start? And what if you cut too much of the fabric? And as a result, you only hold a few threads. But this T-shirt from my own collection is the perfect reason to start & put the scissors in it. To add another story.

First of all I was thinking, what letter can be added or changed to CREW? With the letter ‘S’ I started laughing so hard. For me that’s a sign I’m on a the right track! With inspiration from Ikbenirisniet I decided to to stitch a letter: S Like Iris did I use a split stitch => check this for really clear instructions. I promiss, it’s easy!

Just one letter…  starting to have some doubts. Why not adding a funny story, so it’s not just a rude one!

Screws and nails…

Do you know the difference? I’m a handy lady, so I do. Did you see the round illustration besides CREW? It looks like a…. As a result of this I came up with this text: or nail?   

& finally… cut! 

So did you ever messed something up?

DIY and fail or just NAIL IT  – in addition to let go of perfectionism & embrace your I’mperfection!  I made this IGTV video (you can check it on the forkeeps-collective Instagram): 

Now T-shirt #7 is telling a new story. Something which makes me smile & definitely has some cutting edge words added to it!


Over Nineke en Ninekdote

Nineke Verhoofstad (Utrecht, 1985): Ik leef in mijn eigen woordenwereld en maak anderen hier deelgenoot van via mijn ninekdote’s. Verder omring ik mezelf met spullen die voor mij waardevol zijn: vintage vondsten of familiestukken, waar ik graag een eigen draai aan geef.

Meer lezen van Nineke kan hier!

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