MACNAS maakt een nieuwe tas van jouw geliefde bank* “Deze tas is FOR KEEPS”

We’re on a journey into the green and FOR KEEPS is your compass. Who will help you find new ways, discover new ways to treasures in the jungle? Guides! People that can shine their light on a specific topic or mindset. This week our guide is a maker in heart and soul, with an contagious smile and enthusiasm, she makes bags from rest materials, mainly leather (*from chairs, jackets, old vintage items et cetera). Revalue what you have, and make it into something you will treasure a lifetime! What’s not to love?! Introducing Belinda from .

Belinda at work in the studio

Where does the name Macnas come from?

Macnas. That is Gaelic for playful, flirty, sensual. The name is a reference to my Irish roots , my mother is Irish. She also taught me to make from an early age by doing pottery, painting and making clothes herself. It is also a reference to what bags can do for a person. You can fall in love with it, see a bag and know that you want to walk away with it. Being sold on a bag and wanting to wear it, because you love it so much.

Where did your journey start?

It once started with a piece of leather on the cloth market, I think 15 years ago. Since then I have made a lot, followed workshops and modules. Expanded my studio in the attic and accepted assignments.

Pieces of leather at the studio
Sewing machine for leather, at the studio

How do you make a bag FOR KEEPS?

I make almost exclusively on request and tailor-made. Sometimes using material with sentimental value that people themselves bring along. Otherwise we search together in my collection of beautiful residual materials. By listening and looking at sources of inspiration together, I try to make something that we both fall in love with. So they can walk away with a bag that is for keeps.



Want to know more about the bags Belinda makes? You can read all about it here, or follow her on Instagram

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