Make a bag from a sweatshirt <3 | DIY by Giulia de Angelis

Do you have a sweatshirt that belongs to someone else, maybe a brother or an ex-boyfriend? Do you love the print but it doesn’t fit you well?  Have you ever thought of turning it into something else, maybe a bag? How to make what you have FOR KEEPS? Turn it into something new, with ideas like this – from sweatshirt to bag <3 by Giulia de Angelis

Three years ago, my brother gave me his sweatshirt that I always loved for the print and the colors!  But it’s a man sweatshirt and he is 15 cm taller than I am.  So after wearing it a few times, I didn’t feel comfortable and the sweatshirt remained in the closet until last week, when I decided to give it new life!

1. Decide on the pattern and size

First I cut the sweatshirt so I have two rectangles of 55x40cm.  Obviously, the measurements depend on your liking and any pattern you want to bring on the bag. From the sleeves I made the handles by taking two 55x10cm rectangles of cloth.

2. Pick a pocket

Before attaching the handles, I decided to insert a pocket that would stand out, then a color that would match the design on the front of the bag, but would be different from the black inside.  I found light blue single bed sheets, which I no longer use since I have a double bed, so I made a rectangle of 30×20 from it.

3. Put all the pieces together

At that point I inserted the pocket under the hem of the bag and the handles above. What remains is to sew the front and the back together on three reverse sides.  Do not forget to create box corners on these. To do this, grab the bottom corner of the bag and turn it so that the fabric is laying like a triangle! Mark 5 cm on both sides starting from the tip, join the stitches and sew along the line! Finally cut the tip of the triangle along the seam!  

4. Inside out

The bag is ready, you just have to turn it inside out and wear it!!


More about Giulia de Angelis

When I was young my dream was to be a stylist. When I was 12/13 I started to create new clothes from the old ones because I wanted to be different from my friends or schoolmate!! Seeing after almost 20 years, that this is a trend and it is especially great for our planet, it makes me happy and energized to work on new things! You can find more inspiration on her Instagram account <3

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