Shirt #31 & #34 | Meet the maker – Geneeva from Embroidery with Gene Eva

Every (other) week we are collaborating with new artists or designers who are upcycling, repairing, styling a t-shirts. Because end of last summer we have started the #100greenstatements project, to collect 100 ways to make your old shirt ready for a new party. All the revival inspiration you’ll need! Can’t wait to see what these makers will make. And of course, we are curious: What is their story?

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Geneeva as a child I loved pink, barbies and creating stuff with my Mom and my brother, so, as an adult trying to fit in this crazy world I am renewing my childhood activities which I love! 

I care about human rights, animals and our planet. I am grateful for I was able to get a degree in Spanish studies in University which has opened my mind on a lot of subjects and has helped me think for myself and analyze the world we live in. 

On a more personal note I love the beach, I like hanging out with my family and friends, my favorite food is pizza, and if I could I would spend my time traveling, discovering new countries and learning new languages. 

How you started your business? 

Before starting my business I started embroidery. Funny story: my dad always asks for handmade gifts for Xmas, so every year I have to rack my brain to make him something new and one year I learned embroidery and customized a T-shirt for him. Then, with my Mom, who is already a full time artist we decided to start our own online embroidery classes which we launched just a few weeks ago. 

What are your dreams?

I care about fair fashion and I think we have so many clothes, too many clothes already so rather than buying more and following the trends, I think we should use what we have and make it special and so full of style. You can do a lot with embroidery. You can make any design possible. So I guess my dream is to inspire people into buying sustainable clothing and upcycling what they already have themselves. 


Read more?

Check the Instagram of Embroidery with Gene Eva, or have a look at the embroidery courses she offers!

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