TAKE YOUR POWER BACK with upcycled Shirt #33

1 shirt, 100 makers, designers and artists. Every week we have a new collaboration, showing you 100 ways to upcycle, repair or rewear a t-shirt. Turning it into a green & sustainable statement. This week it’s shirt #33! We started a year ago and (almost) every week we are collaborating with new artists or designers who are creating, repairing, styling their t-shirts. Can’t wait to see how the shirt will turn out. And it started with a UPCYCLE GIVEAWAY.

A few months ago we launched an UPCYCLE GIVEAWAY. It meant I (Anjolieke) was going to upcycle a shirt for the winner of the giveaway. Where upcycling for myself was in my comfortzone, making something for somebody else wasn’t. It took a lot of extra time to make something, to choose a design and materials that would be durable.   


The winner of the GIVEAWAY, Giuglia, is actually an upcycle enthusiast herself. She even shared a bag made from an old sweater on FOR KEEPS. She shared with me the picture of an old shirt and the words she had in mind: TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. So I started, with a lot of help of the Instagram audience, choosing a design. Did a lot of material tetst, and ended up making a star from leftovers of denim I had, later added words & thunder.

Hope you enjoy it! x An!

Curious? Check all the pictures!

And the result? CHECK THIS! <3

“It’s been 4 months since I first wore the shirt and I’m happy to say it really helped me take my power back. The fact that my formerly simple t-shirt has been made unique with recycled materials by An, which is making a great contribution to sustainable fashion, has made her magic stronger!””

Thanks Giuglia!

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