What is the new story on our TRAVELING SHIRT? | Upcycled shirt #32

The shirt this week in the spotlight is our TRAVELING TSHIRT. We started this a few months ago. Have one t-shirt travel from one maker to the next, so they can all add a story to the t-shirt and upcycle it together. First the shirt went to Nineke, she added a strawberry patch, read all about it here. Next up the shirt went to Petra from Indigo Ravens, what did she make on the shirt?

Blue marble

“The ‘Blue marble’ patch on the For keeps traveling shirt is about our planet. From space, the Earth looks like a beautiful blue marble. My collection arose from my concern about how we treat the earth. So as a designer I want to try to make a difference and contribute to a better world.”

More about Indigo Ravens?

Check the Instagram of Indigo Ravens, or have a look at the website. Currently the items she makes are sold at GreenUp in Utrecht.

What would you make on this t-shirt?

Who will be the next maker we send this shirt to, and what will they make? We will keep you posted! And if you want to join, just send FOR KEEPS a message!

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