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Every month we have a new guide at FOR KEEPS. Showing us around in their corner of the conscious jungle. So this November we’ll introduce our second guide: Ninoshka Galeano. A very energetic spirit, who’s spreading the word on sustainability on a lot of different topics, like less waste, natural cosmetics and preloved clothes. What is in her FOR KEEPS passport, how did her journey start and what are her goals? Read it in the first blog!

FOR KEEPS passport

Where my conscious journey began

Funnily enough my “conscious journey“ unconsciously began at Barcelona in 2016 when I decided to switch to a healthier diet and consume not only more veggies but buy food locally produced and buy grains in bulk, I limited the use of plastic bag even when I didn’t understand the impact of plastic on the environment.

I think I simply did it because sustainability is a lifestyle once you start whether you realize it or not, one thing leads to the other and soon your life is completely changed. An example of this is that the markets in which I used to buy in bulk sold their products in paper bags and soon I noticed I had too much of those ones as well, so I started reusing them, it just naturally happened I guess.

Sustainability is mostly a matter of personal conscious choices for a better life and a future world for our kids

But the moment in which I consciously took the decision of trying to live a holistic sustainable lifestyle was later in 2018 during July, there was the #plasticfreejuly running up and wild on Instagram and I was deep on the social media, that allowed me to open my eyes on the plastic pollution issue and soon came the fast-fashion truth and with it the true impact and the importance to gradually change habits of consumption in my house, which were not wild but that doesn’t mean one cannot switch a more conscious alternatives.


I have a background in political science; I make natural cosmetics as a hobby and necessity to take care of my family’s skin and I love modeling, for a while I was a freelance petite model. I think all of those characteristics joined together with my passion for everything I believe in, made it easy for me to spread the word about sustainability, though social media using my resources.

I don’t have a precise goal regarding sustainability, but I believe every effort counts and giving an example to others especially young ones is so powerful, so I continue doing my part on and offline.


Why did you move to Nijmegen? It was casual, my husband received a job offer from Radboud University and it seemed a good choice to make, so far I’ve liked living in this beautiful city and all that it offers, safety, plenty of great places for foodies, sustainable shops and friendly people I’ve come to meet.

Sustainable shops like Het Goed to go treasure hunting!


First I found inspiration through social media, but more and more through the people I get to know in person every day, when I go to a place (shop, restaurant, library) and I see the efforts to reduce waste and invite people to do the same, that makes me stay on this path. No matter if there are laws helping or not, it’s mostly a matter of personal conscious choices for a better life and a future world for our kids.


Ninoshka Galeano

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Facebook: Nisha’s Insights

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